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Welcome to Bedford Little League 2018

Welcome to Bedford Little League 2019!

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2019 Post Season Rosters
2019 Bedford Little League Post Season Teams   D12 Mark...
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2019 Post Season Rosters

2019 Bedford Little League Post Season Teams



Mark St. Hilaire - Manager
Henry Dubois  - Coach
Steve Crowley - Coach
Jeremy Hinton - Coach

1. Alex St. Hilaire
2. Alex Gordon
3. Brody Woloski
4. Carter Crowley
5. Eli Kaplo
6. Henry Dubois
7. Jack Hinton
8. Jack Toolin
9. Jaiden Bosquet
10. Matt Ulicny
11. Patrick Foulis
12. Peter Suozzo
13. Sam Meisner
Gary Gilbert - Manager
JP Ciruso - Coach
Todd O'Connell- Coach
Mike Papik - Coach
Bob Leung - Coach

1. Brendan Leung
2. Carter Stuart
3. Connor Flaherty
4. Jacob Oliviero
5. James Gilbert
6. Josh Meisner
7. Landson Ellsmore
8. Logan O'Connell
9. Matthew Ciruso
10. Sam Doty
11. William Smith
12. Zach Papik
Tim O'Connell - Manager
 Justin O'Rourke - Coach
 John Mortimer - Coach

1. Alan Jee
2. Camden Dubois
3. Drew Benjamin
4. Frederic Malner
5. Ishan Jain
6. Jack Mortimer
7. Evan Deyak
8. Jake Boughter
9. Luke O'Connell
10. Noah Bosquet
11. Parker Beauchemin
12. Ryan O'Rourke
Matty Dobens 9
 Rex Corbett - Manager

Mike Ferrari - Coach
Joey Suozzo - Coach

1. Alex Ferrari
2. Ben Labonte
3. Cody Beyer
4. Cole Sufat
5. Cooper Gunning
6. Gabriel McDonald
7. Ike Corbett
8. Jack Tamulevich
9. Joey Suozzo
10. Rachel Meisner
11. Ted Montagano
12. Theo Chartier



Maty Dobbens 10/9

Art Meconi - Manager
Mark Chmielecki - Coach
Sam Lyford - Coach

1. Nathan Meconi
2. Tyler Chun
3. Devyn Lafferty
4. Jackson Page
5. Rhys Gallant
6. Brett Hall
7. Graham Chmielecki
8. James McGhee
9. Cody Lyford
10. Peter Alexakos
11. Dakota Schleger (Sufat)
12. Jackson Jodoin
13. Aidan Spaulding


12U Summer Series Tournament Team

Ryan Noonan - Manager: 
Todd Fitzgerald - Coach 

1. Jack Noonan 
2. Colin Fitzgerald 
3. Zack Gilroy 
4. Parker O’Toole 
5. Aaron Chimiliecki 
6. Jayden DeNauw
7. Jack Petrosino 
8. Connor Sturgis 
9. Nate Duquette 
10. Connor Winslow
11. Ethan Benjamin
12. Dean Poltronieri
13. James Tamulevich
14. Patrick Hamill

Dave Anderson - Coach Pitch Teams


Coach: Greg Michael
Coach: Ken Coleman
Coach: Mark Wydom

Cam Doyle
Reese Bellemore
Luke Maye
Casey Wydom
Bray Kelley
Flynn Kelley
Colin Hurley
Connor Galvin
Gabriel Kierce
Max Michael
Kenny Coleman
Duncan Reich


Coach: Brian Beck
Coach: John Manning
Coach: Kevin Duhaime

Kaylee Bouchard
Colton Demers
Brayden Manning
Gwendolyn McDonald
Rusty Smith
Vivienne Valle
Brodee Scott
Jack Duhaime
Ben Marlow
Andrew Beck
Gabriel Kierce
Julian Peschiera




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Baseball Barn - Bedford TBD (7/22) 
Complex Batting Cages - Bedford OPEN (7/22) 
Complex Ho Sang (Majors) - Bedford OPEN (7/22) 
Complex Marston (Majors) - Bedford OPEN (7/22) 
Hit to Win (Indoor) - Manchester OPEN (7/22) 
Legacy Field (Minors) - Bedford OPEN (7/22) 
Manchester 50/70 Field - Mnachester OPEN (7/22) 
McKelvie (Tee Ball) - Bedford OPEN (7/22) 
Swenson North (Minors) - Bedford OPEN (7/22) 
Swenson North Cages - Bedford OPEN (7/22) 
Swenson South (Minors) - Bedford OPEN (7/22) 
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