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Exclusive Bedford Little League Baseball Clinics

Bedford Little League has partnered with Ultimate Sports Academy to offer exclusive, off-season baseball clinics run by highly trained instructors, and open only to our players.  Our first set of two 7-week clinics (one for general skills development and the other specifically for catchers - more details below) will run from Thursday, October 30, 2014 through December 18, 2014, excluding Thanksgiving.  To ensure a great experience for players, these clinics are kept to small groups so please visit Ultimate Sports Academy's reservations website to book your spot now, or call them at (603)782-4949.  
Baseball Skills Development Clinic - $105 / 7 weeks (more details & reservations)
This clinic will prioritize skill development and execution.  This clinic will be geared for players 8-12 years of age.  Players will train once a week for 7 weeks, for 60 minutes each session.  This training will place a major emphasis on the proper mechanics of hitting, fielding, throwing, and running.  This training will be from 6:00-7:00 pm.  The cost of this training is $105 for the entire 7-week clinic.  
Catcher's Camp - $105 / 7 weeks (more details & reservations)
The topics covered in the Catcher's Camp will be stance, receiving, framing, blocking, throwing to bases, quick feet, covering bunts, situational play and communication.  A number of defensive drills will be utilized to hone the catcher's skills.  Catchers will train once a week for 7 weeks, for 60 minutes each session.  This training will be from 7:00-8:00 pm.  The cost of this catchers clinic is $105 for the entire 7 weeks.